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My Artwork

My compositions are hand-painted using a combination of watercolour and acrylic paints. I use black pen and ink to inscribe additional detail, working hard to ensure that I capture the character of the lovely animals that I illustrate.

My favourite things to paint include pets of any kind, wild hares, stags and birds.

About Me

I am an aspiring artist based in the rural county of Rutland, having recently graduated from studying media and business in Oxford. I would consider myself to be a reliable and poised individual, who is both persevering and optimistic towards all aspects of life. Attention to detail and empathy are intrinsic to my nature and I am often perceived to be open-minded, idealistic, insightful and flexible.


Above all, I like my work to contribute to something that matters, putting my loyal and devoted manner to good use. This is particularly important to me considering the current climate of the coronavirus crisis. Consequently, if I am able to provide some relief during this strange time by sharing my paintings, then I would be thrilled to do so by producing fine art prints, greetings cards and taking on commissions.



Pet Portraits

I absolutely adore depicting family pets within my characterful compositions and commissions.  Ensuring that I capture their personalities and intricate details is of paramount importance to me.

Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have three pets of my own which I am able to draw inspiration from and use as models for practicing further techniques. 

My Photos of Oxford

My Photos of Rutland

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