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I am sure that my love of animals and the natural world is already evident from my collection of paintings; however, I feel it is very important for me to express how valuable, beautiful and wonderful I believe our environment really is. The fact that David Attenborough was my role model aged seven (resulting in the creation of a hilarious wooden replica for a DT project), or that I chose the topic of 'extinction' as the focus for the final piece of my fine art exam at school just goes to show how necessary I feel it is for me to do everything I can in order to contribute to the drastic changes that so desperately need to take place to conserve our world for future generations.

'I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.' - David Attenborough

As a result, the envelopes for my cards have been carefully chosen for their recycled and biodegradable ‘Kraft’ brown paper - a particular favourite of mine due to its rustic feel. I have also selected sealable polypropylene recyclable bags to hold individual cards and their envelopes, in addition to all of my fine art prints and their mounts, which also come with a biodegradable white core mountboard to prevent bending.

I have endeavoured to use sustainable recycled materials wherever possible across all of my external packaging. My greetings card bundles are completely plastic free, instead utilising my biodegradable paper to secure the cards and envelopes together. Similarly, all orders are packaged using certified sustainable white polka-dot tissue paper, brown string and a personalised sticker. These orders are then sent in a hard board backed 'do not bend' brown envelope.

Lastly, the card that I have chosen for my greetings cards and my fine art prints is 320gsm and environmentally sustainable. This consequently gives it the luxury high quality texture that I have determinedly sought after whilst also allowing you to have the piece of mind that everything you purchase from this website has been produced sustainably. Did I mention that it is a pleasure to write on? If you haven't done so already, please do pay close attention to how nicely your pen glides over it ...


My final piece for my fine art exam, titled 'Extinction'.

(In case you didn't believe me)

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